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Has anybody here kept their clothes from their jail/prison time ?
Yes , I imagine this might be , in general , theft - So it's lucky we generally hide behind screen names , eh ! Still , I take no responsibility , legally , for what may result from you posting here , be warned...
I am asking about people who've - smuggled generally , I suppose - institutional duds as they were released , and still have what they smuggled out now .
I got a couple out , and am wearing a T-shirt marked for the jail I was in (Um , I am in another county now .) now , and socks (Visible , cuz' I'm wearing Chaco hiking sandals but the socks are not marked .) now ~ Actually , I'm wearing the back up fromt , showing the jail logo (A fair part obscred my my jacket/outershirts , though . I'd worn it before but only as an undershirt .
Now I realize this may be a rather , " inanely teenage /immature " question , and those among you who served harder time might be turned off by the concept of keeping jail clothes , and this is a rather immature concept ~ Well , I'm an immature person ! I gotta accept that/roll with it " , baby bubba , as Steve Winwood )( the Sugarhill Gang) sang/(rapped)...
This does appear to be the most appropriate Forum for this question , even though it's maybe a little too " light " a question for the general tenor of this one .

Frankly , in my social/financial position...I could use the clothes!!!!!!!!!
I've aqcuired others in my time(s) , which are now lost...
" You'll lose your mind and play/free games of May/See Emily play " - BYD

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