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Just my two cents, I would suggest going into the available work force until the supervised release is clear. It may not be well paying, satisfying or rewarding but coming off of paper and being able to do whatever you want and when you want is worth every bit of frustration. I have been in the same career since I was 18, was an assistant VP of operations when I became greedy which lead to my fraud charges. I ended up making many more mistakes pre sentencing which ended up getting me 6.5 years in the Feds with concurrent 5 year sentences in two states. No camp for me and a trip to some medium and high facilities due to points and such. Anyway, when I started my first job from the halfway house, I was surrounded by former inmates. Some were blatant about their choice to go right back to what they were doing while others were slick. One guy I had met in transit twice while in and ended up in the same halfway house and eventually at the same job with was pretty much my sidekick. We talked about starting a business and he began using some of his connections to get it going. Well, long story short, he was a great con guy and hes back in for another 8 year rip. Luckily I got a bad vibe and decided to wait until post paper to do any business with another felon. Now, all the ones I would have done business with, thought were solid and looked forward to working together with to better our lives are back in prison or dead. Blunt but true. I would seriously consider getting out, doing whats best for him (and YOU) then after he is free and clear worry about being in business with or around other felons. It's not worth it. Again, just my two cents. And for the record, I have tried numerous times to help people in the halfway house with employment with very minimal success. I am not lumping everyone together just saying, I am looking for people that want an opportunity and are willing to capture it! Best of luck.
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