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Originally Posted by Patrickj View Post
This is just my Alright I have been down the road of addiction I burned a lot of people in my 20+ years of smoking crack. It is good that he is trying to amend is wrong doings. The real test comes when he get out. No matter how long you have been clean you still Jones every now and then ( I still do been sober a good 13 years) He is the one that decides if he keeps clean and sober. I had no problem getting clean and sober inside, but when I got out I would do alright for a few weeks then I would start beating the streets looking for the places to score. The person has to break this cycle.
I didn't do any treatment or 12 step program or any thing else ( these programs work but not for me) I got clean my way . It was either get clean or go back to prison and never get out. Drugs were not my committing offense
Violent crimes were. ( armed robbery). While I was doing my last term. I got sick and tired of being told what to do, when to do it how I could do it. At that point I still had over 5 years to do still.
When I got out things went well I went to work everything was going great. Until I decide I just wanted a "taste" Well that "taste started me back on my old ways. Luckily it didn't last long just one minor run in with the law and I got my crap back on track. Was easy for me ? No. Do I still fight that urge to use . Yes. I have made my amends with my family, they have been very supportive of me and for me. One thing is for sure my mother got to see me clean and sober the last 13 years of her life, something she hadn't seen for a long time.
Take your son at his word until he proves himself else ways. He has a hard time ahead of him. He can do it if he wants to do it. No one can make you stay clean and sober. It is up to the individual to do this. The hardest step to make is that first one. You must admit to yourself. I have a problem. I need help. Once you make up your mind you want change . Then change can slowly come to you. I can tell you from experniced he will stumble and fall but that is part of the fight with addiction. There are times I still want to run away from my life as it is now but, I know should I run back to the lifestyle I am thinking about sooner then later I will be locked up the rest of my life. I wish your son the best in his future. It will be a hard battle but wars are won at one battle at a time
Thank you so much for this. It really helps to hear about your experience and what you have done to stay out of prison. My son, too, says that he never wants to go back and I can only hope that it will be enough to get him through all the obstacles heíll no doubt face. Iím sending him your post to reinforce that it can be done and, above all, it has to be because HE wants it. For my part, Iíll continue to love and support him and, like your mother, hope for a lot more years to see him clean and sober. Thatís something I hope and pray for every day. Thanks again for your 2 cents (but worth much more than that!). I really appreciate it.
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