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Originally Posted by Here4mylove View Post
Ouch! But I agree, this too, I have said to him! I love him though.... Unconditionally, as I have always said. ..but, sometimes, you have to have a point where you say no more BS! I am going to give him a chance but, I believe just as friends, if that's what you'd call it, I forgive him but I am still very upset by his actions. Even my parents have forgiven him because they love him as a son & know he needs help. We all want what's best for him, and for him to do better! Btw, I've known him forever, we went to school together, grew up together... We know what a good heart & person he is, its just the drug that changed him... He needs prayers
Drugs are not what makes a person change, they are a symptom of a underlying character defect or mental problem. You need to get into some alanon meetings and also maybe some other therapy also. Lots of people whom I have known my whole life turned into total junkie losers who would steal from anyone they could. Until someone is free and staying clean thats the only way you can tell if they are sincere. A pair of lips will say anything!!!
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