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The fact that he stole from your family is pretty hard to forgive.

I also wouldn't put it on God that you should help him - wrong way to handle it. God might just as well brought him to you to teach you something else entirely. Right now it sounds more like you're putting your words in God's 'mouth' because that's the way you currently feel about your fiancÚ.

Also don't diss the women he's known before - you probably only have his word about how they behaved toward him, and the most entitled asshat in the world is an addict. They all believe everybody done them wrong. What they don't see is the extraordinary damage they do that people finally have to cut loose from them to save themselves.

Lay back. Don't go through with a marriage at all until he's been clean for at least a year on the outside. He's got to be able to prove to you that he's sober OUTSIDE of prison, with none of the restraints that prison puts on them. He's got to stay in his sobriety even when all the temptations of the world stand in front of him out here. Otherwise, you will only know the chaos and fear of living with an addict, and I can promise you, that warps your soul in many, many ways.
You'll know you've created God in your own image when He hates all the people you do.
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