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IN California it is to pay fines and restitution and you should be glad it is only 20% because right now mine is 44% and after january he goes up to 56%.
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Hey everyone! 7-1-06
Copied the above post from Dec 2005 when I found it this evening. Came to PTO to learn
what I could about this new 20% to be held out of what LITTLE $$$ we're able to send our loved ones.... I found this post AND numerous others posted way before all of this came down this week.
DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHERE TO EFFECTIVELY COMPLAIN BESIDES THE GOVERNOR'S OFFICE???? Each of us affected - that believe this is truly an unfair deduction of our hard-earned cash- needs to get busy with pen and paper.
It's obvious that once the "thing" began in California it grew to 44% and later (January 2006) to 56%. O.K..... no telling how FAST and FURIOUS it'll grow in Oklahoma. It surely will " take off" unless those of us affected "nip it in the bud" NOW and make ourselves heard!
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