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I find it very disturbing that gay relationships are yet again being associated with crime. It wasnt that long ago that in the UK (I am sure many other countries also) that consensual adult gay relationships where a crime punishable by imprisonment.

Fortunately we have moved on from that atrocity, but linking gay relationships with criminal non consensual pedophile behavior is plain wrong on every level.

"pedophiles are people", yes they are ,but we all are and thats no excuse for anything. We are all responsible for our behaviour. Acting on inappropriate behaviour impulses is a choice. Its a choice that carries heavy penalties and rightly so.

I firmly believe that there should be treatment available to those with inappropriate sexual urges. To enable them to resist those urges and preserve innocence and protect potential victims. It might be difficult and uncomfortable for those involved but its better for all in the long run. The bravery and insight of those coming forward for help should be recognized and rewarded with as much help and resources as required. Also anonymity.

Those who do act on their inapproriate impulses well then prison is the only option and hopefully for a very long time.
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