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Originally Posted by Raf's Girl View Post
Why do we straight people think that everything needs to be fixed to our liking???
Being Straight Gay Lesbian or a Pedophile isn't a choice it just is. No one ever made the conscious decision to become whatever we are sexually. The way we act is what we have responsibility over, I do hate rapists, I don't like it when a lady tries to charm me into a sexual relationship with her, one of my dearest friends back then was a gay man..........sadly enough........ I'm willing to admit that :-)
The way we act is what makes us criminals not the label we put on ourselves.
There are enough people that have thoughts about doing something that isn't morally acceptable but never do it, it doesn't make them criminals.
The idea you can change feelings people have is plain stupid all you can do is try to learn them to cope with their feelings.
People need to be held responsible for their actions not for how or what they feel.
No. The idea that a pedophile is okay because "that's just how he/she is" is lunacy. There's a huge difference in being gay or transgender and a pedophile. The former is just how someone is, the later is a sickening criminal. I'm sure some will be furious at what I've wrote but I'm not about to change my feelings on the subject of pedophilia.

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