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Originally Posted by YOGA62 View Post
So anyone know of college programs in Federal Prisons? BOP System??
Not like this. These programs are location specific.

BOP has its own education policies. If trump has not eviscerated Pell grants for inmates, your man can apply for one and do an online or correspondence AA at one of the schools that participates with the BOP educational services.

He should ask his counselor about opportunities. Otherwise, try the Ohio State program - correspondence based, but most inmates who are not in Ad Seg or other disciplinary housing can usually do courses there. The Ohio State program's credits are transferable should he want to continue.

But, hey, fail to understand the point of the original post and make demands about a program without investing the time necessary to ask a question that has not already been answered a few times in this forum. you endear yourself to those who promote inmate education and answer questions in this forum. Hijack this thread to your own purposes because you won't start your own thread.

Again, the Bard and related programs are highly selective, represent top notch college educational opportunities that people in the related states have to qualify for and wait for. This is not federal. it has nothing to do with the federal system or the roadblocks the BOP puts up. It has everything to do with qualified, highly motivated students who wait sometimes years to get into the programs. It has everything to do with trying to get colleges that cut programs to get back into the state prisons to offer degrees and educational opportunities substantially similar to those that prisoners could experience on the outside.
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