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Originally Posted by Lesliezack View Post
Hi all..... nothing new is being said or the name of the injured...except that they heard it was one of the heads of the Mexican Mafia.
I wouldn’t mess around with the mail...I’d use black ink and white copies better anyway.....
That way you know it will get through...UGH

The camp has no TV for a week...another cell phone found, they are saying it’s number 27 in a month. K thinks that’s BS cause they’re is only 85 guys at camp. He said , “chit , you mean to tell me 1/3 of these knuckleheads had phones.” I don’t believe it.....

Now, with no TV there will be a lot of talk, I’ll keep you posted.. ❤️
Crazy about the phones and the COs probably have "no idea" how the phones are getting in.
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