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Originally Posted by 209CaLiGiRl View Post
I will be the first to say that just because you were with the inmate before they went in does not mean that they wont use you. My ex and I were together for almost 2 years before he went in. we lived together and almost had a child together(i lost her at 5 months pregnant) and he did 8 years and we lost touch the first few years but the last 3 years we got back in touch and back together. He got out in March of this year and I went to pick him up, he was with me for 2 weeks then left me. I know now that he is with some other chick. He told me it was because of the no-contact order but who knows.......I had no idea I was gonna be played. I thought I knew him. NEwayz, now I am with a guy that my cousen hooked me up with(they are homiez locked up together) and I did not know him before he went in, and my cousen asures me that he would never hook me up whith an asshole, but because of what had happend with my ex I cant help but be alittle afraid.
i know my post has nothing to do with this topic but i wanted to say,i'm very sorry about your baby daughter.also i'm sorry about what your ex did,but what he did ultimately left you available for your new man.hope things are going great for you now.
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