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I miss my Husband

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I personally know that I am not being used. He was there for me when I was down and out and I had no one there for me. We had been broken up for a while and when we did get back together I was 4 months pregnant by someone else and I have 2 additional kids and none of them are his. He stepped up and took care of us and he became a father to my kids and went with me to my dr appts. I feel bless to be able to return the favor to him. Whether he is down and out or sitting on top of the world I will always be by his side. He doesnt ask me for money. I put it on his books whenever I can and he appreciates that and I appreciate him. He is content with me writing letters and talking on the phone with him. He is a simple man and easy to please. I love my Husband dearly and deeply.
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