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Originally Posted by kmbnet1017 View Post
I have always had issues with people using me in the past because I'm a very giving and open-hearted individual. Also, in the past every previous relationship my man has had with women was a beneficial relationship. I guess that is the reason he has states [time and time again] that he will not let me do anything for him because he never wants me or anyone else to feel as if he is using me. We have been engaged for 4 months now and as much as I try to do stuff for him....I finally stopped asking because he always says "No, if i really need anything....I'm going to ask my know why I won't take anything from need our money more than I do."
And I think that all of this helps to ease my mind in knowing that he is in this because we love one another && not because he needs me for financial benefit....
Sounds like he set good boundaries. Manipulation is a form of communication practiced by many guys in prison to get what they need and is often hard to see because it's confused as love. His ability to recognize his past behavior as unhealthy is a good thing.
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