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Originally Posted by Fiesty View Post
I AM A RECENT VICTIM OF A SO CALLED "PLAYER / HUSTLER" CRIME, I say it cause it is and I mean they're still locked up literally! I never condone that kind of immature and childish behaviour and use my brains to kick them to the curb! I'm glad that I learnt of this while I was only a penpal so imagine if it happened for realz! Damn! I wouldn't be that silly 2 fall for their love & money making schemes! And yes! it does come both ways 4rm the male & female inm8s prospective so theres nobody to blame but our naive selves! But do keep in mind the only reason y they do what they do is bcoz: #1) they got nafing else better 2 do but 2 hurt peoples feelings & that they're just plainly cold-hearted & selfish! #2) they got years left to serve & #3) They have no hope in themselves! But then I do wholeheartly believe that there are still plenty of good men & women in there who just want comforting company, we just gotta see the signs of those "so called" playerz/hustlerz being overly nice 2 u & yet u've just met! And for me, I'm personally thankful that my best-friend who's also incarcerated stuck by me no matter what!
while i agree with some of what you say. i don't think that being intelligent is a be all end all sort of cure to keep from being hurt. even the most intelligent women/men can and do get hurt... it's called having a heart, and caring for someone. which is NOT a black and white thing(no i'm not talking a race thing here) i mean there are various degrees of care and love and trust and most of all self doubt,but like everything there is the risk. your are either willing to take the risk of getting hurt to find real love or you just sit there secure in the knowledge that you will never be hurt or find love.
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