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Originally Posted by ChaplainJohn View Post
I would like to ad to your comment if I may, yes many of times I have seen the relationships between a couple grow stronger when the man is incarcerated. Mostly because, (I think) that when the man is cut off from physical contact with his mate, his emotional relationship over-compensates for this. This allows him to more freely share his heart and be more open about doing so. (a real problem for a lot of us men) So ladies, if you reconize this, tell him. He'll learn just how important it is for the you to hear his heart and he'll learn that he needs to do this as well.
Just thank us for being so open.

Thanks for sharing Chaplain John. And I agree it does seem to be easier for a man to talk about his feelings and express his vulnerability while on the inside. And that allows us to nurture him which makes us feel great as women. Sadly, this does not always carry with them on the outside. Men are discouraged by society from expressing those kinds of feelings and when they are back it's easy to slip right back into whatever kind of communication style and feelings expressing that they were before. And when this happens a woman can feel shut out and that generally makes her hold on tighter and ask questions about what is going on, which then fuels mistrust or feelings of mistrust and a whole bag of womrs opens up. I don't know the answer, but maybe if the couple keeps that in mind and makes a conscious effort to overcome that, they can carry that wonderful emotional connection and tight bond with them into the future of their relationship on the outside.
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