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There are guys that use woman. For all the things stated. My man, and I wasn't in a relationship before he was locked up. We only dated here, and there. I got prego, and I knew that he wasn't going to leave the streets, for me, or a baby. He has no kids. I lost the baby around 3months in. I never told him about the baby nor, my feelings for him. Years went by, and he contacted me. He had a girlfriend, so I respected that. He always stated that he wanted to leave her cause she wasn't the type of girl he should be with. He wanted to change his life around. Being with her wasn't going help the situation. He would call me 4 to 5 days a week. We caught up on everything. We just clicked. I knew he had to go to court, and didn't hear from him for like 4 months. He called and asked for my address to write. We been doing so since. About a month in he asked me to be his girl. I had told him about the baby and my feelings. He said I was hard to get. I was just watching out for my feelings. I just found out that he never ended it with the other girl. They just stopped talking. when he got locked up. She has single on her FB page. He said that it's over, and they haven't talked. He gave me her number to call and ask her. I never did cause that's not me. He asked me on the phone did I call her. I told him no, and he said that she called his mom. He thought that was a coincidence that she called, because she never talked to his mom, on a regular day when they dated. So could I be used to past time cause she wasn't around to support him. Or could he really mean what he say, and want to be with solely me? I wonder that alot. I feel that he is in love with me. Yet, why didn't he close that door when he knew he was in love with me. Does she still think that she will be back with him when he gets home. And that she is just doing her until he is home again. I know I'm a little off topic, but what do you think? Am I crazy to stick with him, even if he didn't end it with her. I ask myself, where is the closure with this other girl. Should I make a big deal about it?

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