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Default Being Real

Geez who wants to imagine being used. Its a tough call. I honestly dont feel I'm being used but I do feel I'm not appreciated in the way I should be. This isnt our first rodeo. Its either me locked up or him. We have a 4 year old daughter and just havent gotten our crap together. The difference is when I was down I made the necessary changes before being released so I could be a better gf, mother person. He didnt write, didnt send money ( but I didnt suffer ), he didnt take care of anything. He just passed the time until I was home. Sad. Will never know if he was faithful but stories are out there. When he's locked up I'm doing it all. Sending money, phone calls, letters and being true while taking care of our daughter. I get the love letters the promises everything. But so far its just storytime. He's released and back to square one. He does the same shit and back he goes. Its easier to deal with a locked up boyfriend then a free one. How sad is that. Not living at all. But how can you leave someone at the worst time of their life. I figure for the sake of our daughter if I show him strength and support he can be who I know he can be. Its iffy. If I treated him as he did me then I'm not any different. I only know how I wanted to be treated and I follow that guideline. When is enough enough? I dont know but for now I get words.
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