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Originally Posted by yourself View Post
Wow, somebody really needs to make sure you are getting the appropriate help that you need.

Somebody here needs to make sure you don't pollute the waters for others dealing with critical life situations by scamming them with your nonsense.

And you really need to stop Trump-typing from your phone - your spelling and grammar are atrocious.
Scam? No. That would only apply if I were asking for something of value in return. I'm not. People if you want to know if you can trust your attorney read corpus juris secundum-- check spelling, volume 7 section1-4 attorney client. Google or youtube it. It's there law. How about this, check your state statute book/ manuals and see if they contain an enactment clause on their face along with a subject title. This falls under the Due process of law making which is out lined in the Constitution. If a law fails to display an enacting clause of their face the they are without authority to enforce for they are void on their face. Rodrequez v. Ray Donovan, us board of labors, all codes, rules and regulations are applicable to Government authority only not human creators in accordence with God's laws. All codes, rules and regulations are unconstitutional because they lack DUE PROCESS. IF THE STATUTE IS WITHOUT AN ENACTMENT CLAUSE THEN IT IS NOT A LAW OF YOUR STATE THUS AFFORDING THE DISTRICT ATTORNEYS OFFICE NO AUTHORITY TO SEEK ENFORCEMENT FOR LACK OF SUBJECT MATTER JURISDICTION. Its all in the law books and the U.S. Constitution as well as your state Constitution.
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