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Originally Posted by cornered View Post
I have a case coming up in a month or so, and I have a problem with my public defender. The case is a Felony 2. I did NOT do it, AND I can prove it.

First off, when we first talked he wanted me to plead out, and he had not seen any of the case files yet. Then when he did, he still wanted me to plead out.
When I finally got a hold of the discovery, I found information that, as I said, I can prove my innocence. I told my PD that we need to subpeona certain records and recordings, and subpeona two possibly three expert witnesses.
He said no.

I have since found additional information that shows the PD, as a private lawyer, worked for a collection agency that has a history of harassing me.

When I talked to another lawyer & told him all of this, he said the PD is supposed to have recused himself for conflict of interests.

Utah is in a mess for insufficient public defender representation. Now I ask for prayers that I succeed in getting my PD to recuse himself and get a replacement that actually does understand and have experience with my type of impairments.
first, any thing you say to your PD cannot be proven. type or write him with your complaints and requests. write up a certificate of service describing what you sent him then get it notarized. if he does not respond accordingly resend again. this will line him up for ineffective assistance of counsel. let him know this.Its only fair to worn him first before he go's down that path. let me know what happened. i'm here.
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