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Originally Posted by marragtop View Post
My brother just received an 18 month drug related sentence in Baltimore County Md. He is not new to the justice system, but this is his first sentence in Md. Does anyone know if he will be able to serve his full sentence in the Balt County Detention Center (BCDC) where he currently is, or will he be transferred to a state prison? Also, assuming he does everything he is supposed to (no violations, etc), approximately when would he be eligible for release? I know some states have minimums of where you must serve like 70% of the sentence, but I can't find out anything for Maryland.

Thanks in advance for all responses.
My recommendation is you re-post this in the Maryland forum. I am certain someone there can answer you quickly. Each state differs greatly, in GA we differ by county

In GA it would be probable the time would be served at the County level (I currently have a client serving 18 months for obstruction at the county level). In GA early release for county inmates is dependant on the specific county's policy. The client I referenced has a release date reducing the original 18 months to 13 months. My home county would have awarded 2-1 and he would have served 9 months.

Good Luck!
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