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Originally Posted by Nickel Timer View Post
Also, be careful with even black powder weapons. Even though federal law may have no problem with it, quite a few states define a "firearm" as anything capable of "firing a projectile" or "expelling a missile" or similar such language, which means that you could still be prosecuted in those states even if the Feds won't pick up. Idaho is one of such states that defines firearms more broadly than the Feds do, so be careful.

I'm glad you pointed out what I failed to mention.. (Doesn't everyone live in Texas?? ) You are quite right!! Texas doesn't consider curio "muzzle loaders" traditional firearms, but the majority of states DO, and someone with a felony record could very well end up in jail / prison for them, just as they would a center-fire weapon.

The last time I checked (years ago) I think there were only 3 states that paralleled the feds on this.. I tried to do a quick google to get the info but couldn't find anything definitive.. One guys is claiming 10 States do now.
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