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Originally Posted by regina9363 View Post
Me and my man are both bi-polar and ex addicts. He is still incarcerated and i have been self recovering addict clean for almost 3 yrs. I found that self realization and routine are the key to controlling my bipolar and avoiding drugs. I have helped my man by sharing my experiences and today we had the most wonderful conversation not only because he actually absorbed what i was saying but knows i understand his problems. He seemed to have a break through and talked to me for the first time about his problems. I just wanted to share this for anyone dealing with bipolar and addiction. It helps to know where they are coming from and the thought process they have.
Congrats on having a breakthrough with your man. What an uplifting moment that must have been for you. You mention that "self realization and routine" are the key to controlling your bipolar disorder. Does that mean that you're not medicated? It's extremely rare for a bi-polar patient to remain completely stable without some kind of medical intervention. If you're able to do it, then that's absolutely wonderful and hats off to you!

But keep in mind that if you are in fact maintaining completely mental stability and you're not medicated, and you're maintaining complete sobriety without any interventions other than "self realization", your man may not be able to do the same thing when he gets out and may need your support to seek outside help (doctors, AA, etc). Be careful not to make him feel like since you did it alone he should be able to do the same thing. Just something to keep in the back of your mind.
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