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Originally Posted by cmilly91 View Post
Because my SO told me, I guess they don't like inmates having a pen-pal ad up, I guess since I put pen-pal on the application he assumed that he had an ad up.
Yeah that probably was the case, but I didn't get denied because I met him as a penpal, I got denied because of an arrest that I didn't include on the visiting form. I really didn't get arrested, I just spent a night in jail. My guy kept pushing me to write a letter to his counselor explaining that they weren't that specific with that question. He also talked to the warden and his counselor and I wrote another letter a few months later and got approved. He had a different counselor, that is the reason that I think I got approved. If your friend doesn't have any or few visitors, that will help to. I would suggest writing to the warden in a couple of months requesting a special visit and also explain that you won't be a threat and talk about the good that your friend is doing like if he works, take classes, etc. Like my guy teaches esl (English as second language) I hope you get approved soon!!! Good luck and God bless!!!

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