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Originally Posted by Lotus4him View Post
so now they are off lock down and I should be happy right! well has this happened to anyone else cause im so upset right now...we transferred into Sandy in Nov. I used to go see him every other weekend at the old facility until he got in trouble and got transferred into this craziness. So I was ready to go see him this month but I got an email tonight saying his visitation list was cleared off and we had to fill out forms again to be reapproved and this is the norm process for big sandy-is this true..what is this craziness? anyone~ smh
I know I'm a little late but it depends on the Penitentiary. If the person who is visiting has been on the list less than 3-5 years then u don't have to do it again. However they do have a new warden so who knows. But it shouldn't take but a couple of days to approve u since u were on the initial list and tell him make sure his case manager stays on top of it. I know of a couple of woman that waited a month or two because the paperwork was not put in.
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