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Originally Posted by micki10659 View Post
My brother is in a MN prison and we all live in a small town. Everywhere is collect if it's not in the town you live in, when you live in small town MN. When my brother first went in, my mom & dads phone bill was 2-3 hundred dollars every month. We put our heads together and came up with a plan that worked like a charm. This is only going to work if your loved one is going to be gone for at least a year/2 years depending on which company you go through. My dad went and got a cell phone with a prefix number which was not long distance from the prison that my brother was at. My brother then bought calling cards & they were charged as local calls which are only so many cents per call per 15 minutes. When my brother was transferred, we were lucky that he was sent to the same calling area. You can call everywhere in the Mpls./St. Paul area and still be in the Local Calling Area. Just make sure; if you choose to do this, you wait until your loved one is in their permanent placement facility. This has saved my parents thousands of dollars over the years. My parents have my brothers son while he's gone & my nephew has to say "GOOD-NIGHT TO DADDY" every night. Hope this helps someone as much as it has helped my parents, nephew & brother!
Did the prison that your brother was in allow calls to cell phones?
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