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Originally Posted by mrswest2009 View Post
Hello all ~

My step-son is in Walla-Walla, Washington and we live in Texas. Since the call is long distance Global-"Steal"-Link was costing us a fortune to receive calls from him. We connected call Con's Call home and they were able to give us a Washington phone number to provide to our son. So now we pay Con's Call home $25 per month for the phone number which is routed to our cell phone so we don't ever miss his calls when we aren't home. We then pay to Global Telink $25 every so often to have money for the actual calls. Con's call home only helps if you live out of the local area of where your love one is calling from. Unfortunately Global Tel link has there hand in it no matter what. But I have learned something that they don't tell you....if your love one tries to call you and you miss the call and your answering machine may pickup, well the call isn't connected but it places a block on the amount of money that call costs for up to 24-hrs. Once the system reconizes that the call didn't go through it releases the block on those funds. So if your love one (like mine) calls back to back because he knows we should be answering it puts a block on a lot of money. This will make it then say you have insuffient funds until it's released. I hope this helps someone. Oh- and by the way...when signing up with Con's call home, be patient with them. They tell you that they should have the phone number for you with in a few days...we had to wait almost a week and a half. But it was worth it. Have a blessed day !!

when i called cons call home they told me that Global doesn't like people using their services. the person told me that yes conscallhome may set up a valid number but global might not let that number be used. so you pay all the fees and such yet the number is unusable. they have the right to ask for your phone provider and your phone bills or something like that and when they find out that it's conscallhome they disconnect your service. how did you get around that??
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