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why do they always add 11.00 everytime you add money to an already exsisting acct? This is outragious! I never get more than 40.00 on a 50.00 and ea. call cost over 8.00 to be connected ONLY! it's absurd, and their is no live agents to talk to so you can create an acct. Someone know something on how to establish an acct w/o it always having the pre-pay added ea time? It really is a rip off! I heard is much cheaper. They offer you 300 mins or 20 calls a month for 40.00. That inclds a one time set up fee! It's only 20.00 each month! They say their having a problem with Global cuz they don't want us to go through their providers. But global is stealing our money at my boys expense. Their serving their time, as am I along with them. I'm emprisioned here at home waiting on them to someday be free, as much as they are locked up. I only live for the day they are free and come back to me. I'm 52 and totally handicap, and cannot afford these calls. It takes every penny of my disability! What can I do to not be anymore of a victim of this system than what they already got out of me? We all know when you take our children, you take our reason for living! Somebody? Please assist! Thank-you! sincerely, Ladyjustice50/or evansmompethtal. Thank-you!
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