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Originally Posted by tormented_toy View Post
My brother has been in just about every Prison in Washington, not because he has had multiple crimes - just the one. He has been moved around like a rag doll being thrown out because of retaliation.

The Ombuds program that is supposed to help. Last night I got a phone call from my brother at yet another new Prison telling me about Mr. Caldwell paying them a visit with their new Ombudsman, Mr. Lugo.

Mr. Caldwell is the grievance coordinator in Olympia. He had a little chat with some of the inmates letting them know that he has an open door policy and that he "personally" responds to every kite, grievance, letter, and email he receives. Right away I have a problem with all of this. All the trouble to get someone placed to help investigate that didn't have the same mindset of the staff and admin. These two, Caldwell and Lugo are looking and sounding like 2 peas in a pod.

Yet another ploy to grab more money from the State.
After reading the different versions of the bill, the Ombuds program would've done nothing to help anyway.

It's just more bureaucracy with little to no statutory authority. I don't remember which version had it but the best the new program could do is make non-binding recommendations to DOC.
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