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Originally Posted by Kristina0314 View Post
Last night I was talking to a friend that has been to prison. He shot a guy in a drunken rage, damn near killed him. He didn't take any deals until eventually (a year later) they offered him 20 months and lessened his charge from attempted murder to aggravated assault.
CRAZY to me.
But he told me to tell my boyfriend not to take any deals and keep his mouth shut.
I ran it by him and he told me he already planned to not take any deals more than 3 years.

What happens when they turn down a deal? How many more times is the prosecuter going to come at him with more deals? Or is it not common to get offered more than one?
I'm afraid if he turns down the first one then he will go to trial and get the book thrown at him.
my advice is, tell your loved one(s) that if they want a good deal they have to put their self in a better position at the bargaining table by doing research on their own case. don't just leave it up to the attorney help him out weather he likes it or not. Its your loved ones' butt that is on the line. I can guarantee that a mistake was made some where down the line after the arrest or even before. Most Lawyers know what they are doing but it does not hurt to have a look see into you're own well being.

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