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Originally Posted by Minor activist View Post
That was from the heart. Please understand my questions come from wanting to make an informed opinion, not because I'm arguing.

Could you have succeeded in breaking your addiction some other way? Like maybe a locked ward at a hospital or a change of location?

If prison was the only way, then why did it work for you, given how easy it is to get drugs in prisons? Was it the shock value, or the structured life, or something else?
I had been to detox 3 times, rehab twice, and the methadone clinic. None of which worked for me, I had been using since 13 and I was 28 by the time i got locked up. So 15 years of using, and it also happened to be in the critical years where you are supposed to learn to cope with stress and anxiety.

Anyways I can't say nothing would have worked but i was pretty determined i was gonna be an addict for life. I didn't want to quit or see a way out. Which is crazy considering how I was living at the end of my run.

And I did use for the first almost year I was locked up. Then i got put in the hole for 11 months. At the end of the 11 months was the first time I had felt normal without drugs for as long as I can remember.

After that I was transferred and then later started RDAP which I think if used to its full potential is a great program. I know this isn't the answer for everybody though as I've seen people that go right back out and use. I just know it worked for me. And No I do not believe it was the shock value because even after the first year or more i thought there was no chance i wouldnt use when i went back to the street. It took a long stretch in the hole to feel normal, then just time, Not gonna lie after the hole time I was still getting random UA about once or twice a month, so i guess if you consider that structure then that helped. Then the RDAP program.

I honestly don't know the answer to getting clean but I know it worked for me, Also that is probably an extreme case. I don't guess everyone needs that. But I'm willing to bet there isn't anyone i went to rehab or detox with who is still clean.

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