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The best way to present this to anyone elected or running for election, in my view, is to say that this is one of the few areas of public policy where we could spend a lot less money and get better results. Many states in the US have started to reduce jail populations, although even so they remain ridiculously high, for this reason. There is a lot of evidence showing that spending time in jail does not reduce subsequent crime, and may actually increase it. It's far cheaper and more effective to supervise people in the community, unless they are truly dangerous. Everyone in public office understands that finding ways to spend less money is a good thing, and this is an area in which there could be huge savings. For those interested, various reform organizations in the US have some great 'quick facts' and infographics to help make the case. Pew Charitable Trusts, Vera Institute and The Sentencing Project are some good places to start.
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