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He is going to NA meetings at the jail and is taking his medication. However, in maryland (according to the judge), my husband has to be admitted to an outpatient program first. So a facilitator from the program has to evaluate him at the jail. Catch is, 90% of facilities here don't do that. And the ones that do won't travel out of county. We did however, find one, but according to his lawyer, he can't do it which is BS because he told me he could. It also sucks because it's the same facility that will do his inpatient treatment as well. We're just a dead end and it's frustrating. It's a back and forth between everyone we've been talking to and it's getting nowhere. Here is a man that knows he needs help, wants the help to get better, and he can't. As I told someone else, the jail will only do so much... And there's only so much my husband can do from a jail cell. I'm doing what I can but since we're not married, I can't make decisions based on his behalf.

I call him my husband, because we're practically married... Just not legally.
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