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you know about the same thing happened to my man but my man didnt do it because he was with me during the time that she said he did that. the little girl was molested between the ages of 4 and 8 and he mom didnt know (yeah right) then they put him in prison for 11 years then about 2 years later she was having sex with her 13 year old brother (she was 10 at this time) she got mad at him and told him if he didnt do something for her she would tell and it came out that they were having sex, she would hold things over his head and make him have sex with her, she told everyone that he raped her and he spent the next 3 years in juvy with 35 counts of rape on him, then she decided that she didnt like my man living with his mom (we werent together just friends at the time) so she accused him of the same thing but it supposedly happened after he lived there 2 years and in march of 04 she said he did it and didnt "tell" until September of that year, there was no evidence and no proof that he was ever alone with her but they gave him 10 years, because she said he did it, that really sucks.

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