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Hi Buffalo Bill: My partner is in prison here and this has been a very trying experience for me. I can only imagine what it must be like for you. He went back for a visit and got caught up in something in Myanmar? Have you thought about going to visit him? That might be tough. Though at the very least if you were to be there when he gets out, that would be the most beautiful show of support. I've whiled away the time by writing letters to him. A lot of them I don't send because often all I want to do is get stuff off my chest, and you know how it is when you write something you make it real! It's really important you continually let him know you are there for him to the best of your ability and that you never forget him. It's a totally different life in prison, and in Myanmar I can only imagine how basic it is. You are a good man for sticking by him, and I hope when he gets out you are there to greet him.
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