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Originally Posted by GailGarnet View Post
I wanted to get some info about the Bowden Institution vs Drumheller Institution. My husband will be placed in either of them to serve his 2 year sentence and I wanted advice on which one he should request to be placed in? He was originally planning on Bowden because it's an hour closer to me than Drumheller, but after speaking with other inmates he has heard that Drumheller is a "better" prison compared to Bowden. Any suggestions on which is better? He heard that Bowdens intake takes a long time and you aren't placed for 3 weeks, no phone calls for 3 weeks.
Is there any truth to that? Thank you!!

I dont know if im too late in this response but for people in the future. Bowden is the better prison I did my intake there and ya it took 4 months to get transfere out to matsqui. But it had a way better canteen then anywhere else ive heard.
They have a nice gym a big yard and the whole place has trees and flowers around to help keep your mind off being in prison
Bowden also has open movement so basically from 7 pm to 10 30 if i rem corectly you can just about go anywhere and as well as on the weekends

Drumheller is always locked down sometimes for months on end, and there movement system is a shit show from what i understand you barely get out to do anything.

The biggest problem with bowden for ome people is that its a softer jail, less stabbings but people there dont stand up to the guards so inmates get walked all over by the gaurds and the get away with some really retarded shit that should be illegal.

But overall bowden is a way better jail if given the choice tell him to go there
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