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Question How do I find (online) a federal ruling on DR appeal

I apologize up front if this is posted in the wrong forum area and also if this question has been asked previously:

My friend had his death row federal appeal ruling on Sept 19. But I can't find any site online that directs me to the decision. I haven't heard from him since Sept 17 and even though mail is supposedly slow from there, Polunsky Unit in Texas, I'm wondering if he's really depressed over the ruling & that's why he hasn't written. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I know this is his absolute final appeal, the next one would be to the SCOTUS.

Which just brought me to another horrible thought: if this appeal was denied and the SCOTUS doesn't hear his case/issue a stay, how long afterwards will they set a date? He's been on the row for 19 years now.
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