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Default Unite the people-BEWARE😡


Iím not sure if anyone else has every used the organization called Unite the People, but if you havenít I wanted to make you aware that in my opinion you shouldnít use them. Please review their Yelp account to see the negative reviews ( any positive reviews are posted by staff). They also have 5 complaints with the Better Business Bureau and every client has the same complaints.

In my case(which seems to be the same story for everyone) I had a consultation and of course was told everything that someone with a loved one wants to hear, ďweíve had success and can get your love in back in court and time reducedĒ. Wrong! I had a consultation with the founder (Iím opting to leave the names blank but you can find it on their website). We consulted about having a 1170 D1 completed and he stated he thought his chances would increase if we added a writ and I agreed. He told me both documents would be submitted to the courts and DA office in 60 days! That was over a year ago and both items were just submitted. The 1170 was done so poorly the DA office never recognized it or acknowledged it, so I demanded it be redone, which took another 5 months and it was just done in September of 2020. The writ was started by someone they claimed to be a paralegal, then an out of state attorney who claimed to have license to practice in California, that was changed to their staff attorney. The staff attorney turned out to be suspended and couldnít practice law in California and they submitted it to the courts anyway!! The courts of course denied the writ and gave them a chance to use another attorney and the waited until the last day to try and have another attorney sign off, but the court denied it anyway based on being time barred.

Ive gone around and around in circles with this group and even have text messages from other staff members saying how unorganized and unprofessional they are. They have a high turn over rate and is always changing staff due to complaints and also to fool their clients. Once I paid my money ALL communication stopped. Once the courts denied the writ, they claimed they did their part to submit the documents and no longer respond. We spent $4000.

Please donít be fooled and donít use this organization. Everyone my husband knows in prison with him that has used this complaint has simply taken it as a loss of money and arenít fighting, but Iíve filed complaints with the California bar association and better business Bureau to get a refund.

Donít be scammed!!!
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