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Default Email messaging in Michigan prisons

The Michigan Department of Corrections will allow inbound electronic correspondence to prisoners from family and others who have established an account with JPay. To establish an account, please visit
The customer (family member or other) will have to purchase "stamps" or a subscription through JPay in order to send electronic messages.
  • All mail is electronically scanned by JPay for security issues and then sent to the Michigan Department of Corrections where it is reviewed again prior to being released to the prisoner. Sending messages with inappropriate content may delay processing or result in rejection of the message.
  • Prisoners will receive the message via a kiosk located in the housing unit. The prisoner may respond the message by purchasing “electronic stamps” from JPay on the kiosk. Kiosk messages are stored on the kiosk for viewing at a later date. Prisoners are allowed to store up to 75 messages. A printed copy of the electronic message may be requested by the prisoner for a nominal fee.
  • PRISONERS ARE PROHIBITED FROM RECEIVING PHOTO COLLAGES THROUGH E-MAIL. Only one photo per page may be sent. Please see Director's office Memorandum 2020-1 for more details. Staff designated by the Warden may block a sender from transmittal of e-mail to prisoners if the sender has repeatedly sent messages in violation of MDOC policy or for other reasons as approved by the appropriate Deputy Director. Designated staff may similarly block a prisoner from receipt of e-mail if messages have repeatedly been sent to the prisoner in violation of Department policy or for other reasons as approved by the appropriate Deputy Director. Notice of the block shall be sent to the sender or prisoner, as appropriate, within seven business days after the block is initiated. If blocked, the sender and prisoner may continue to correspond via the United States Postal Service in accordance with PD 05.03.118.,00.html

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