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Angry Taxes on Telephone Calls from Alabama Prisons

I hope I am putting this in the right place. I wanted to make everyone of you aware of some strange things going on with the inmate telephone calls in Alabama. I'm sure some of you are aware that on July 1, 2015, the rates were changed for all inmate calls made in the state of Alabama. I believe if you are calling across state lines, the rates remained the same.

I keep an Excel spreadsheet of the phone calls my fiancÚ makes to me from Limestone Correctional Facility. I keep the date, the time of the call, the number of minutes we talk, the cost per minute which is now $.25 a minute. I try to keep up with our balance since my man has a Call Center Debit and the money goes on his books and I cannot get a balance from ICSolutions, thus the reason for the spreadsheet.

Before the changes were made a local call was a per-connect fee of $2.25 and the initial minute was $.50 which made the call $2.75 plus 6% taxes for a total of $2.92 for a 25 minute phone call. I do realize that those of you who were not local were paying more but the taxes were still 6%.

I called ICSolutions last night to see what they said the taxes were. I was told 6% Federal Tax and 2.5% State tax. Okay so now a 25 minute call at $.25 per minute came to $6.25 and with 8.5% taxes added on the call was now $6.78. So I had to change the calculations in my spreadsheet. The spreadsheet used to be based on 6% tax.

I called the Alabama Public Service Commission today and was told the taxes were supposed to 6%. So, that means a 25 minute call at $.25 per minute would be $6.25 and with 6% taxes added on the call would be $6.63. I verified that total with the man I spoke with.

I spoke with my fiancÚ this morning and he said ICSolutions is actually charge a 9% tax. So. a 25 minute call at $.25 per minute would be $6.25 and with 9% tax added on the call is now $6.81.

ALL of us are getting ripped off with instate calls. I filed a complaint online with the Alabama Public Service Commission. I hope you will do the same. You can Google Alabama Public Service Commission and they have a complaint form online.

If I am not successful with them. Then I will go to the FEDERAL Communications Commission and file a complaint. Someone needs to get their ducks in a row and tell us what the correct percentage for taxes is. I am very angry about this and I'm sure you will be too.
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