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There is a provision in policy for special visits. I don't know how it will work in this case, where they are closed for all visits--like a lockdown.

These are called special visits, and according to policy can occur. Here's the section:

Special Visits
. The Unit Administrator may provide opportunities for
special visits when conditions require or the visitor is not on the approved visiting list. Approved special visits shall be encouraged during routine visiting hours. Requests for visits during non-routine visiting hours shall normally require two (2) business days
notice. Such visits may include:
A person(s) awaiting approval under extraordinary or unusual circumstances;
A person(s) who has traveled from out of state for a one (1) time visit;
A person(s) who may assist the inmate in release planning or provide counseling; or,
A family member(s) engaged in facility programming and/or an event

I think that the request probably needs to be generated by him--but I don't think it would be a bad idea if you did it as well. "Unit Administrator" is a funny term since I don't think there is such a position, so assume this is the warden. I would suggest getting the request in as quickly as possible! I think you may be best off by requesting this in letter form and then following up by telephone. I think that I would be apologetic for the last-minute nature of the request, explaining that you had hoped to fit visits in during regular visiting times. Since you are already requesting something special, I think I would ask for more--like extending the time from 1 normal hour to maybe 3? I know, too, if this was me I would probably be as deferential as possible and might even try a little butt kissing...if I thought it would work I would do it myself!

In the letter I would try to make as compelling a letter as possible:
~he has not received any tickets or disciplinary action
~there have been no previous special requests
~this will not be a routine request; it is her first visit in X years and does not anticipate another for 25 years
~she is an integral part of his life, is supportive and encouraging to his making necessary changes and will be a key factor to his release and successful rehabilitation

I wish you well and hope that you are successful. Good luck!

InsomniaCT, PTO Super Moderator

So...What's your point?

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