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Legally I'm afraid I cannot help you or advise you. I can only give you feedback on my feelings after reading your story and I'm not judging but to me it sounds a bit like "it takes two to tango". You kind of both "at fault" for the arguments and I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong, but you both let it escalate. You seem to get impatient with him and it seems to me like he's like your "other child" and you are getting fed up with that situation. He's should "man up" more and not loose jobs and listen to you more and your needs (like money towards something other than paying something else). You guys seem to be kind of "stuck" in a not very adult relationship where you seem to be more responsible than him. He's trying though but I wonder if he can do right by you?

Really, just guessing, I don't know both of you so please bear with me.

How old are you both if I may ask?
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