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Default B/f arrested for DV. This is his 1st offense. I don't know what to do

1st off this is gonna be a long post but I think everybody should hear the story before they make any judgements.*

I was on a dating site and I met this guy he was really nice I connected with him right off the bat. He treated me my son like we were everything. When he was 11 years old his dad died and I'm thinking that caused him a lot of grief because his mother was a stay-at-home mom and all she did after the dad died was lay in bed. She got a boyfriend like a couple years later and he took over the household she filed for disability and she inherited all kinds of money from the dad in his mom and dad that passed away and the boyfriend and her spent all the money and when they spoiled him they did but the boyfriend also was very mean and vindictive towards mark. My fiance. When we met he treated me my son good because hes been looking for a family I guess for a long time and he found it with me in my son. He never really had to get a legit job or drive a car until he was like 19 years old they treated him like he was a child most of his live and impaired him on growing up me and him have been struggling in our relationship because I feel like I'm more mature my mom was a meth head whenever I was a kid and I've seen a lot of things that I shouldn't have seen growing up I started working at 16 and I accidentally got pregnant at 17 so I've been out on my own since I've been 18 years old and he can barely even pay his phone bill. I believe there's a lot of frustration between the both of us cause when it's good it's good and when it's bad it's really bad. I can argue too and it's not just his fault. He wasn't really doe a good hand and his family still tries to enable him and they try to help him like hes still a child they will let him live there and do anything he wants as long as hes helping himself in their eyes. The point is is he recently got arrested because we've argued on and off for a while now and I got fed up because hes on the military and supposably he can't keep down a job because he always is late he has like a sleeping problem he sleeps and 2 late is not very responsible. Hes a great guy just feels like sometimes he can't grow up I believe he wants to but I don't know if he knows how. Anyways he got arrested we were at the laundromat because he wanted me to go active duty with him and I couldn't do that cause I have a child and I've had apartments with him before and hes lost his jobs and I live in long come housing and I'm going to school to be a nurse so that would interrupt a lot of things that shows security in my in my sons live and so he brought up the fact that he could go active and I stay here and that really scares me my biggest fear is him moving on or being with other people because I want to be that woman for him well he started it is a point where he had attitude and he cops off was like remarks and stuff like a teenage girl just to hurt because hes angry he never hits me though it's just more mouth like a p***** off teenager than anything but I got up and I told him that if he didn't stop or leave that I would call the police and I kept walking up to the counter and he wouldn't let me get to the lady to talk to her I was trying to call his bluff because hes a coward he normally would leave well I got to the counter and she called the police and he went to jail for interfering of a reporting of a domestic well he got to core and somehow something he said I don't know what happened but they got him one domestic battery they let him out and it was the day before Christmas and he came here we started talking we weren't supposed to there is a no contact order I guess and place and we were good for good week until he got paid from 1 of his jobs and like I said I live in low income Housing so I asked for some money but he went out and paid my phone bill and bought toilet paper and all this other extra stuff that I didn't need it was a very nice gesture but I needed that money for partial rent cars I told him I had not gotten paid yet well he started getting real ignorant and I got mad and I told them he was a parasite because I feel like a lot of times he scared to grow up and it bothers me because he can't go out and get a place on his own I get frustrated at times because I feel like I'm being used or I'm being his mother figure and it gets very frustrating I love him and that's what I would do if I was as wife but he doesn't try to help himself either or if he does he takes a stone age to do it Hay was When he came over he was acting like he ran the place and it really bugged me because I told him he can't stay with me anymore because I was real aggravated cause he still was working at the warehouses he lost his job and I guess I wasn't being patient enough I caused a lot of the issues and he told me f*** y** and it really aggravated me because I felt like I had a legit reason to be upset over the rent because I was more frustrated and worried over having a roof over our head and I knew that if I put him back in jail maybe he would Change but then now I'm realizing I'm regretting doing that cause it violated his recognization and so I'm not sure what's gonna happen from here on out I don't know if hes even gonna wanna be with me anymore I don't know what hes gonna get charged with I haven't received a court date I'm worried sick to my stomach I feel like I lost the love of my life. I don't know if hes gonna wanna come back I don't know if hes not gonna wanna talk to me any more I'm already in counseling I've been dealing with my own issues. I'm not sure what to expect. This is his 1st offense. I don't know what to do I'm sick to my stomach.
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