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The young man survived boot camp and is now a marine. I'm so proud I played a small part in his success. (He lived with my family for about 5 months.)

He came home for Thanksgiving and is a different person in many ways. Extra polite, more confident, and very appreciative of his own mother (she was a much better mother than he thought, but I knew that), and even expressed appreciation for what I did for him.

Thanksgiving was going to be just the three of us. Me, my husband, and our 17yo son. About one hour before dinner, my son asked if three of his friends can come over to eat with us. What could I do? I pulled out another leaf for the table and added three more place settings. You should have seen those teenagers eating off fine china, drinking their water from stemmed glasses, and eating with sterling. They were a little uncomfortable, but in a good way and made it through dinner just fine.

One of the guests was the new marine, another a friend still in high school, and the third, well I think Thanksgiving at our house was his only special meal that day. The mother of the third young man was serving 10 years for fraud and drugs and just caught 12 more years. He and his father live with their grandmother and the father uses drugs himself. Our marine is trying to convince him to enlist because something needs to change is his life. The marine is right. Right now the third young man is headed in the wrong direction.
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