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Palmer Rifkin is the shakedown artist of choice with wally-world. It sounds like they got a basic trespass letter...when your kid gets the letter, send the pound sand letter. If there is not enough to charge him, there damned sure isn't anything to support paying the extortion.

As to the one charged, a deferred option will be out there at the first or second setting, especially if he shows up with his parents. It is NOT wise to pay the fine simply to be done with it. That leaves a conviction. A deferred disposition will dismiss the charge upon completion of the deferral term. This is doubly important in Texas if the kid gets stupid again with the shoplifting. Dollar amount DOES NOT MATTER for enhancements...third theft charge of ANY amount can automatically be charged as a State Jail Felony. I have actually had a client who then further got enhanced to the big-girl rodeo because of shoplifting for a fourth time (actually caught MORE than that but this was the fourth in THAT jurisdiction and they were tired of her antics) and NONE of her thefts had been over $50 in valuation.
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