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It will be up to the judge what happens at his revocation hearing. Blaming the PO even if everything you posted is true, it will still be her word against his, and he will lose every time. Will he have a lawyer? If not, I would hire one to present my best defense under the laws he is accused of violating.

Not to be overly judgmental, probation/parole is as serious as a bad illness. If the PO doesn't respond, then go to their office and speak to the supervisor. It will reduce the argument that you did nothing to resolve the residence address problem.

Write a letter, keeping a copy for yourself whenever there is any issue about compliance with his restrictions. What you will do is to compile a clear defense against any unfair accusations, including she said/you said it didn't happen that way conflicts.

Ask your lawyer about the interest charges, they will be authorized by a law. It's a scam, but probably a lawful one. An example is that the IRS can remove or reduce penalties, but the law doesn't allow them to reduce or delete interest charges, which continue to increase until they are paid,
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