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My husband was in prison back in 2013, got out and did his 3 years probation. Well we moved to Tennessee and his brother had a really bad wreck he had to go try to help him out a little his lovely( not really ) P.O had the house address that he was going to be staying at ( NEVER DID A HOUSE CHECK BEFORE HE CAME ) and his brother was worse so he had to stay with his brother and he CALLED his P.O who NEVER returned his call and then a month into his brothers rehabilitation my husband gets wind of hearing a warrant was out for him. He went and turned his self in trying to figure out what was going on and he was Violated for fines that we found out he was charged interested while in prison ( which we heard that isnt allowed , but virginia did it ) so then his P.O swore up and down he never gave the address or anything. Well for one she was suppose to check the house he FIRST gave her and never did , so SHE was in the wrong, but still he gets the time for her crap. Funny thing is ALL his paper work still has our address here in Tennessee. So I mean she is Crooked as hell as a P.O... to me she is a P.O who violates on BS stuff just to get a point for her being a good girl.. Hope she never has to pull time in there where she has put many ...
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