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Default This All Began in 2014

My husband of 18 years was originally convicted of three felony accounts of poss. with intent to sell (Vicodin) .. he served 147 days in county released on 9 months ankle monitoring, Tasc, and three years probation.
He completed the monitoring, the TASC, didn't miss an appt. We live on my job and his disability w three kids, and we take care of his is tight..he sold the vicodin to buy groceries to be honest. So making his payments were hard he was fined almost 3000 + 40 a month supervision fee. He did well if you ask me.. he cleaned up from the hard stuff, stopped hustling..he started the methadone clinic..
Then his lil brother was killed in a car wreck...he slipped, failed four drug tests two for THC , and yea two had dope in them...this is 6 months from him being finished w all of it finally. He was violated for the money, and two of the DT"s ..the judge did what he wanted, the DA, the PO, his Lawyer all asked for a 90 day CRV, but the judge saw earlier sentencing points ( he did 120 days For a non dui DWLR IN 2011) He got a YEAR + 24 MONTHS PROBATION WHEN HE IS RELEASED. It scares me cause we can't afford it, and honestly it is a trap..He is in TYRRELL WORK FARM IN COLUMBIA, NC we live 7 hrs away in the mountains he is on the coast. I watched a CHOMO get 6 months an 3 yrs probation last week in court...WTF
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