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Originally Posted by jennifer1love View Post
is there a smoking area or can you smoke at all during the visitation? how long can one visitor stay? what time are we supposed to be there?

thank you if anyone can answer those questions and thank you for all the information on this page

No there is unfortunately not a smoking area but one visit is around 4 hours. Most of the time my guy and i will both be ready for a cigarette so i leave about 30 minutes early. Ive never visited in the morning but in the afternoon you can get there any time after 2 pm but they will make you wait in line outside the building until they unlike the door at varying times. Visit is supposed to start at 2:30 but i dont usually get back there until close to 3. You will get in trouble if you pull into the parking lot earlier than 2 pm. My advice to you would be to make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you go because too many times ive seen families get turned away because of one thing theyre missing. If you bring kids you MUST have their SS card or birth certificates, no way of getting around that. And remember if you're not immediate family then you cant visit on saturdays and sundays. I watched someone who drove all the way from western Kansas get turned away last night because he came to see his uncle on a Saturday. Best of luck to you on your upcoming visits!! Nothing is better than seeing your loved one
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