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Originally Posted by amickeyfan View Post
you really do not want him out on that conditional release.. it is like house arrest almost. If he was getting conditional release, he would have gotten his 85% with the conditions "attached" to the release.. without that conditional release and getting 85% means that he will get out with 85% and be free and clear of that conditional attachment... so it is actually better. He wasn't going to get out prior to the 85% date.. he was getting strict conditions for the time out until his 100% was completed.. then he would really be "free".. if this makes any sense to you...

This is actually how I explained it to him several times, but whatever his CO told him made him think it meant getting out earlier than 85%. He said because of this stupid restraining order he isn't eligible for it anymore, which makes no sense. He has 40 months probation anyway, so regardless he's still under supervision when he gets out. I'm just glad whatever it is it is now a thought in the past and we can move onto the next ridiculous idea that gets put in his head
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