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this ridiculous restraining order was never mentioned during anything from arrest to reception. It was just brought up at Gulf, after the conditional release was mentioned. I just found out the girl had done it to another guy a few years earlier. She did it because she turned everyone in and waited until the day before it took place. Anyway...he mentioned this release business again last night, and he is very adamant in the fact that his CO told him whatever this conditional release thing is that he is eligible for he has a chance of being out even earlier. I have gone over everything posted on here and what I have found on the web, but he swears that's what his CO told him including possibly being out before Christmas. I'm not holding my breathe, but at the same time, he is SO adamant that he was told this, I don't want to keep "arguing" with him about what the term conditional release really means. Perhaps what he is supposedly eligible for is called something else and he is using the wrong words. He already has 40 months probation after release, so it's not like he's scott free once he gets out.
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